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Northern Kenya Thirsty For Water

After several years of drought, 12 people groups in northern Kenya have had to adjust to a new way of living. Executive director of World Mission Greg Kelley says, “It has caused so much difficulty for the 12 people groups that live up there. In a real practical way, so many of them have abandoned their pastoralist activities of having goats and cows because there’s just not the vegetation or the grazing grounds.” Now, the people are raising camel instead because they are the only animals able to sustain the harsh conditions.

Kelley says that in order to find good water, they have to travel miles a day. That’s why World Mission has been working with them for over 12 years to drill water wells for the people groups. And through this ministry, World Mission discovered a new way to minister as well. They’ve been distributing Treasures for about ten years. These solar-powered audio Bibles present the Gospel to the people in one of the twelve languages of the groups that live there.

Kelley explains that the drilling is essential for these people to be open to the Gospel. While they might appreciate the word, if they have physical needs pressing down on them, they might not be at a place where they can listen.

Over the last 12 years, World Mission has drilled 100 clean water bore holes for wells. “It’s been transformational to provide clean water,” Kelley says. With clean water, World Mission has been able to address a different sort of drought: the lack of knowledge of Jesus.

He continues, “We’ll go in, we’ll do a water project, and then we’ll distribute Treasures so they have access not only to clean water but the Living Water.” To effectively share the Gospel, physical needs have to be addressed hand-in-hand with the presentation of God’s Word. Zoe Waters has found acceptance of the Gospel where it was previously ignored.