What Kind Of Gratitude?

We’ve not long commemorated ANZAC Day. I’ve heard it said that it’s the most sacred day in the secular calendar. Why? During the ANZAC celebrations, I participated in a zoom meeting where I heard the story of a pastor who visited his veteran father and took a call from a fellow soldier.

The soldier had phoned the pastor’s father to thank him decades after the war. He did this every year. The soldier’s life was saved by the old man who was wounded and bled in the process. We honour those who bled for us, who suffered and died for us and that’s just for our earthly lives. We make a big deal out of it. Men bled, died and rescued fellow soldiers when they were wounded.

We give them special medals. What kind of thanks do we owe our Saviour who did these things for our eternal souls? In comparison, the enormity of what Jesus did is incomprehensible. When the veil was torn in two, it did not just give us access to our heavenly Father. It also gave him an opening to pursue us relentlessly as He does because of His great love for us.

I recall an old song: ‘He poured on the oil and the wine, the joy of the spirit is mine, he found me bleeding and dying on the Jericho Road and he poured on the oil and the wine’. He rescues us in this life as well as for eternity. I thank God for His broken body because of which we are healed. I used to be epileptic, have had cancer, been in numerous accidents and the latest incident was a stroke. He healed me of all these and heart hurt too. Think for a minute as you thank him for the number of times that He has healed you and the things from which you were delivered.

I also thank God for His forgiveness, won for us by His shed blood. I’m not telling what he’s forgiven me for because He has removed it as far from Himself as East is from West and completely forgotten my sins and therefore, so should I. But He still did it. So, I’m infinitely grateful. We thank Him when we celebrate The Lord’s Supper, proclaiming His death until He comes. We do it on Sundays when we are together but he said to do it whenever we eat and drink.

Did he mean every day? Every meal? Perhaps He asked us to do that due to the vastness of the gratitude we ought to have? Or, perhaps he asked us, lest we forget!