Walk Thru The Bible has partnered with Samaritans Purse to build ministry work in Mongolia. Using pictures helps recall the storyline and message of God’s Word. Covid 19 doesn’t close doors in a digital world.

After the 2010 drought in Mongolia, which was followed by a very severe winter during which 20 million head of stock died. Samaritans Purse went to Mongolia and set up interest-free loans so that farmers could get back on their feet. They also shared the Gospel and over the following years, thirty churches were established and are still growing. Recently Walk Thru the Bible Australia was contacted and asked if they could bring ‘teaching cards’ to Mongolia as Samaritans Purse sensed this was a great way to illustrate the Bible message to people who had little or no understanding, literacy or theological training.

Al Watson, from Walk-Thru (Aus), said ‘yes’, and God blessed them with the funds to print the cards there. Al trained a number of the leadership team in Mongolia via Zoom, and now they are teaching the Aussie version of Walk Thru the Old Testament using memory cards. Altankhuyag Ganbaatar Hoiga, known as (Hoiga). He is a leader in Bayankhongor now conducting Bible and Old Testament Training for these Christian leaders and WalkThru. He has been very successful using these visual methods and wrote back to Australia, saying, “It was a very auspicious time with the presence of God. Thank you for your prayers. It was a time when many leaders drew closer to God.  As the worship was sung, God’s presence came in strong, and all who were there cried and felt God’s love so much that some people did not understand why they were crying”. 

The training was attended by more than fifty local people, including pastors, elders, small group leaders and the Byankhongor WYAM director, all from different villages of Bayankhongor province. Hoiga taught WalkThru OT-Card Training for two days in the evening for a total of about six hours. He reported that this time was very successful, and the participants were very excited. Many leaders were grateful for the systematic teaching given and the knowledge they gained from learning the Old Testament in this way.

The next Walk-Thru OT Card Training is now being planned for Erdenet, which is home to many Christian Churches. Church leaders and Erdenet WYAM have invited Hoiga’s team many times. Pastors in Ulaanbaatar are also asking when ‘OT-Card Training’ will happen there, as they are looking forward to this in eagerness.
A great story that Hoiga also shared with the team was about a time that he was travelling to Ulaanbaatar, and one man he didn’t know came up to Hoiga and asked him if he had heard about Walk-Thru’s training? Little did he know that he was actually speaking to the Walk-Thru OT trainer. This was a delightful and warm discovery to find that just a few years back, he had heard about Walk-Thru at another training day run by Walk-Thru, which was alongside Campus Crusade for Christ in the same city of Ulaanbaatar city. All rejoiced as indeed, God’s Word gets around, and apparently, the word about Memory Card training gets around too!
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  • Images from Hoiga in Mongolia.