The Not So Very New Reset: A Response To An Article By Victor Davis Hanson, Written On 28 March 2022, Called, ‘The Real Reset Is Coming’

I recall the day the US-Twin Towers fell, the exact spot where I was driving, and the disbelief of a generation who walked that surreal movie of unbelief as we gazed at the media’s constant repeats of the buildings on fire after the planes dove through. Do you recall where you were at that time?

I am sure you know, if you were over five years of age or more, just on 20 years in Oct 2021. You will also remember the constant cycle of news media (the buildings crashing, people running, siren alarms) all now embedded in our consciousness, and an ongoing reel of narration by elites calling for a new reset. That pattern was set, and the use of dramatization of trauma news continues pumping us without abatement to this day, from one crisis to the next, striving to maintain a social heightening in the populace.

It is literally amazing to watch a whole society drink up this kind of theorem, with the lie that somehow the best leadership and sophistication is drawn out of people in their times of fear and will not leave more harm… but to say that justifiable change is best wrought by fear is their foolery. I would at best say that changes made in fear seed greater pain in the longer term and that the elites of the western world may well be heading into a version of a New World Order that is markedly erroneous and deceptive, with sirens of alarm bleating like the noise in God’s ears of defective sheep, both rejected at the altar, and unwelcome in His temple.
This reminds me of a similar ancient epic and the diffusion of peoples at the great tower of pride called Babel in Genesis. Though God in that day dispersed their pride for a purpose, it was hence the beginning of nations and times, rather than the end.

This week, Victor D. Hanson of the Christian Post wrote about the US and Biden’s recent words, stating, “‘Joe Biden [was] declaring that the Ukraine war will mark the start of another more real ‘New World Order’”. Hanson has suggested that there will be a
reset on top of the Pandemic reset, giving rise to “an international body of experts”, to whom, “the nations must surrender their sovereignty”.

Is it not remarkable that the last time we heard a similar such declaration, it was just prior to the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11? And a decade onward, the Islamic Spring where we saw competing nations and powers gunned by the starter’s pistol.

Though we don’t lay the blame squarely on a Bush administration politically, it is a symptom of the race, a race to the top of a hill where an illusionary order seems possible to the greatest, fastest, most green or economical, holy religious or even sustainable word sleuths! This idea that humanity, in its sophistication and bloating debt still showreels itself, but in truth is an ongoing set of reactionaries and dependencies.

Hanson makes some interesting ideological and economic points but barely touches the surface for nations whose hearts are set on making God their King. Scripture speaks to us loudly, ‘why do the nations rage and the people plot in vain‘. Psalm 2:1-12, Acts 4:24–28.

Scripture tells us that our shelter and protection is in our maker and our role in the world’s direction is through reverence and asking. There are principles in God’s Word which attest to the unchanging character and behaviour of God, wherein Acts 4:29-31, He took note of their plight, listened to their enemy’s threats, and granted boldness to His servants by His Holy Spirit. They spoke His Word confidently into their predicament and they saw the place there shaken.

Was this not also the lesson apparent at Babel, where God shook the tower and dispersed the people for their disobedience, but in Acts, and this time of God’s Church, is a different shaking. The nation’s rage against Christ, who is Lord and we fight in faith confidently, not any longer in fear or dispersion, but in humility and powerful obedience; from a position of the redeemed. We are no longer present only for our own cause, but standing ‘won’ through the only cause, creator, and King.

As we reflect on the nations who still depart from Christ’s Lordship and reign, scriptures once again tell us that the worship of idols, or to sit in the seat of mockers and walk-in pride of mankind will only bring calamity, blindness, coldness of heart and a dumbing before the knowledge of God. But He has made all things plain in His Word and there ought to be no reason for weeping on the shores of Babylon or lessons in God’s house on a nation’s allegiance.

Hanson pulls at a few strings as to why wars still continue today, whether social gender or white-ness and or ego be our tripwire. Indeed not, but the simple and plain rebellion against God and His Christ by humankind, in their depravity is an ongoing and sin-stained greed on a corporate and national scale. All who reject Christ will strike their claim and grab at greater control over others, blame shift, and stratify social orders for power.

But none of course, will truly win the hearts of their people, though tyrants demand it, it cannot be wrought for them through these devices. The nation’s rage will never become their guide or inspiration, for it is self-condemned and self-deceived. So as the fool thinks in their hearts, there is no God and so too, pride precedes a fall and so too, anger obscures good judgement. Psalms 37: 8-13.
Hanson is somewhat correct in observing some parts of the western ‘new order’, whether planned or at all strategic, have so far showcased calamity, disorder and drift beyond all keystone markers. He states, “These New Orders and Resets always entail far bigger government and more unelected, powerful bureaucracies. He goes on to observe that “elites assume that their radical changes in energy use, media reporting, voting, sovereignty, and racial and ethnic quotas will never quite apply to themselves, the architects of such top-down changes”.
It is sad to say, there are numerous powers and principalities across the ages which have revealed unprecedented historical failures and yet continued to stoically aspire to recycle them once more as new.

Hanson continues on to suggest that there shall be a pendulum-like swing or return into a new conservatism, whether economic, technological, inspirational or even administrative compliance by citizens defending their renewal and autonomy from elitism. He states, “The prophets of the new world order sowed the wind, and they will soon reap the whirlwind of an angry public worn out by elite incompetence, arrogance and ignorance”.

Is he suggesting that the elites will suddenly listen to the common people or represent their interests or beliefs, let alone set them on the right path for renewal? Or is he suggesting that a return to the people’s power will topple the elites, apart from God in the picture?

Isaiah the prophet had no good news for Israel in their disobedience, declaring ‘Comfort, comfort my people, but there shall be no comfort’, apart from a return to their creator and King, hope was dashed. Isaiah 40:1.

Accordingly, a nation’s only reset should ever be the mark set by the Lord God.
Isaiah wrote in Isaiah 40:9-10a;

     “Lift up your voice mightily,
     O Jerusalem, bearer of Good News.
     Lift it up, do not fear.
     Say to the cities of Judah,
     “Here is your God!”
     Behold, the Lord GOD will come with might”.
  • Written by Doug McDonald for New Life Aus, 31 Mar 2022. –
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