Hearing A Sermon On The Family

Chris and Erica Grace are itinerant pastors. Their home church is Christian Life Assembly Glen Waverley.

When they were missionaries in Bolivia, Erica received a parcel from Australia, thoughtfully wrapped in a newspaper, so that Erica would get news from abroad. As she read, she came across a small article at the bottom of the page titled ‘Witches conference in Australia’. In disbelief, she read the last sentence: ‘The theme of the conference is the destruction of the family nucleus’.

The presence of God overwhelmed Erica, and she began to sob, ‘God, you can’t allow this!’ Incredibly, she heard God’s (to her) audible voice reply, ‘What are you going to do about it, Erica?’ The task seemed too huge. She was ‘just a teacher’, but she knew God had called her. God instructed her, ‘Teach, but only use My Word, because only My Word has power over the forces of the enemy.’

That day, Erica began navigating God’s Word and found it to contain everything she needed for a solid life foundation. Many years later, as she wrote a weekly devotional for radio, she recognised that it could form the backbone of a Bible-based book on the family for Christians, and the information in it could become the basis of courses on how to live God’s way in a family.

Her book, ‘Restoring the Family Foundation’, which retails for $25, was launched on May 22nd. Erica hopes it will help Christians fine-tune the way they live at home because ‘when we do life God’s way, it works’. While clear and easily digestible, it is rich reading. You could spend a week meditating on how to apply each paragraph. I can’t help thinking it is an arrow into the bull’s eye of attempts to destroy ‘the family’. It’s a blueprint for anyone of any culture who wants to serve the Lord by building a Godly home in a sinful, wretched world.

Erica also runs a series of courses called ‘Foundations for the family’. The courses consist of three to five 50-minute modules that are meant to run weekly and cover the topics of Marriage, Communication, Parenting, Adolescence, Youth and Ethical Issues, with some added modules that are optional such as ‘Third Culture Phenomenon’ and her personal testimony. She plans to make these courses available online as well.

Unbeknownst to Erica, God had been preparing her all her life, having experienced firsthand the pain of trauma, separation, blended family and rejection. Through God’s amazing leading, she met and married Chris Grace, who were missionaries for 20 years in South America. Erica found deep joy and fulfilment in being married to Chris (her husband of 45 years) and also in motherhood. The Graces have five children, 3 of which were born in Mission field. They now have 3 grandkids and are looking forward to growing the family.

  • Written by Sondy Ward, 1 July 2022
  • Cited book is called, ‘Restoring The Family Foundation”, isbn 978-0-6453584-2-1.
  • Image by Sondy Ward.
  • Erica is well-equipped to teach on a ‘Biblical approach in families’. You can contact her by emailing