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Editors Note

As you can see, on the front page of New Life Aus – the news is looking very different. This editor has been recovering from a probably milder but nonetheless impacting illness over the past fortnight called Covid. I am sure many of you have been through this experience. I want to thank the board of New Life for permitting some much-needed time off from the fortnightly edition. Considering my other role in school Chaplaincy, which is in recess for holidays, this has come at a crucial time to recover sufficiently. I am very thankful to God that it was the milder strand of the virus rather than the severe variants of the past. To those who have been through this or a harder variation, my prayers and love to you and yours, as it has touched each family in so many ways, and millions overseas are still repairing from its devastations.

As I have had this time to rest, I have been reading through Psalm 91, I have been reflecting on God’s goodness, giving thanks for how since 2019, God has kept my life. Psalm 91 is a well-loved and powerful Psalm of David, which assures our hearts that as we press into Him and make Him our dwelling place, that He, in turn, covers us with His mighty pinions. The passage is Deuteronomic, forming illusions of Israel as an unfaithful son whom God brought through the wilderness, though tempted. Even though they rebelled, God caught them up again in His captive love, hovering over them with His wings. Deut 32:11., “Like an eagle that stirs up its nest, That hovers over its young, He spread His wings and caught them, He carried them on His pinions.”

The world we live in provides us with an ongoing deluge of ideological, irrational and alarming aggregation of information for the young and unwary, of which all is said to be important.

The Psalmist calls us to make the Most High God our hearts’ delight and to meditate on the law of the Lord in The Torah, to “Hear O’ Israel: The Lord is our God, The Lord alone. You shall love the Lord Your God with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength”, from the Shema, Deut 6:4-5. Psalm 91 reveals the three temptations’ that the Israelites frequently failed in while in the desert would culminate in the one question of doubting Israel: Is the Lord among us or not? (Ex 17:7).

However, when we see our Lord Jesus in the NT, He was proven faithful to the covenant of God and resisted the temptation to steer from His calling; the enemy could not stop Him from giving His life for ours on the Cross, willingly, a faithful Son, the very Son of God, Jesus replied from Deut 8:3, “Man shall live by every Word that comes from the mouth of God”.

Today, we share in His Sonship; as adopted children, we receive an unconditional protection of love rather than conditional by our own effort. For many of us, this great salvation can be dry and over-familiar to us if we are tempted to let similar distractions lead us away from knowing Him fully and delighting in Him more. But even when we are neglecting this great treasure, how great the love of God to forgive us for the sin of our idolatrous generation rebelling against Him and for not rejecting His own people, nor the purposes He has for His Church. But neither will He bear the sin forever without an accounting, and so there remains a remnant He loves. He broods over His people again, like an eagle with her eaglets; He protects his young by spreading out the pinions of His wings to embrace us, keep us captured by Him until we are altogether His and ready for His flying. Today, I encourage you, God is faithful, and His statutes are everlasting; his promises are true, so take rest also in His pinions. 

  • Written by Douglas K McDonald for New Life Aus, 2 July 2022
  • Image by Richard Lee on Unsplash.
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