Lest We Forget

Flight Lieutenant Stephen Gibbins, a pilot with the RAAF, told the attendees at an ANZAC Day Dawn service a few years ago of the time when he was flying a Boeing C-17 Globemaster aircraft back to Australia with the bodies of two Australian soldiers on board.


It’s not a new thing. Whenever a minister is accused of misconduct and leaves the ministry; the lament of David over Saul and Jonathan, in 2 Samuel, is ours again. I will only mention one name in this brief lament. If you have not been aware of the recent losses, I will not add to […]

Up Close And Personal… ?

Dial… Ring, ‘Click’, “Hello, Thank you for holding, your call is important to us, we’ll connect you with the next available consultant …”
From there, you’ll endure repetitive, mind-rotting computer music.


When I asked God about this, it came to me that prayer is our helical strake. To explain, let’s say a problem arises: it could be a relational concern, a job loss, a health crisis. Instead of letting ‘the thing’ rattle me, I could send it up to the Lord in prayer. Some things that buffet us are greater than others

The Phaedra Hospital, Tanzania

We are excited at the prospect of using a portion of God’s blessings to us to help these poor women in East Africa and, at the same time, honour the memory of Phaedra Vrontamitis, the mother of our beloved son-in-law and father of four of our beautiful grandchildren. Given there are around two million women with fistula and around 300,000 women dying in labour each year in Africa, the need is great for maternity hospitals as well as facilities for the operation on obstetric fistula patients.


My blood is highly sought after by the Blood Bank because it is classified as “O Negative”  – the “universal” blood.  All blood is precious but O Negative, especially so because anyone can receive my blood no matter the recipient’s blood grouping. Giving blood is obviously a good thing to do as a poster in the donor centre reminds us a blood donation can potentially save three lives. At Easter and other times, too, we are reminded of Jesus shedding His blood for us as part of the greatest rescue mission ever.