Values Matter

CMA Business Breakfast: Due an unexpected health concern, the very loved and respected new author, Tony McLellan was unable to join in the days leading up to this occasion and Nick Cater, the co-author of his new book, A Glorious Ride: From Jumble Plains to Eternity, stepped up to share instead.

Careful What You Say!

In today’s passage, we continue to look at the contrast between the words of the wise and those of the fool. Solomon compares their tongues, noting how judiciously they are used and their impact on both the listener and the speaker.

Look To The Birds

When we get a little anxious and worried, sometimes, it may be a good idea to go out into creation and do a little bird watching. In fact, why not do this regularly and get some exercise at the same time? 

Rebels, Deceivers And Dissenters

As someone once said, ‘where two or three are gathered together, there’s bound to be trouble!’ Paul has laid out to Titus the nature of the task he’s been assigned to in Crete ‘… put in order what was left unfinished’ (v. 3), and he has identified the character qualities of those who should be called to be involved in it – people who will ‘encourage…by sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it’. 

To Contrast the Heart

The words of the wise refresh, encourage and bring life, but the words of the fool discourage and destroy (v 11).