Values Matter

CMA Business Breakfast: Due an unexpected health concern, the very loved and respected new author, Tony McLellan was unable to join in the days leading up to this occasion and Nick Cater, the co-author of his new book, A Glorious Ride: From Jumble Plains to Eternity, stepped up to share instead.

Pray For Your Chaplains

A part of active listening is one’s posture and manner; this can open doors, though unseen in normal cases; many may miss the disclosures and walk on with life undetected and unrestored. Drew shares that his journey with God has influenced his heart for people, often walking into unknown situations of great import and danger, saying to God in prayer prior to walking into new situations…

2022 Art Exhibition

In the New Life News Edition 15 March 2022, we shared about a coming art exhibition to be held at Grace Church in Ballarat on Sat 9 April, and running each day during the week. The theme of the exhibition was ‘A New Perspective’. The exhibit showed artists, Elly Broadbent, myself, Cathy Scott, Diane Spicer and Grace Bailey.

Who Does God Say I Am?

The 2022 Belgrave Heights Easter Convention saw a marked increase in returning guests, a growing vibe among day and weekend visitors as ‘in person’ gatherings resumed after nearly three years of Covid disruptions and uncertainty.

India: Pastors On Death List In South Chhattisgarh

In January, a public notice written in the Hindi language appeared in Chhattisgarh’s south-western Bijapur District. Posted on the main road of Angampalli village, the notice directed locals to ‘Worship the tribal gods and goddesses; Oppose Christian Religion’.