All nations

All Nations Present and Accounted For

Who can relate to Abe?
When God said ‘Go’, he went 
yet Moses made a fifth excuse
before he would consent.

Gideon’s pleas came thick
and fast while he paced
in his tent.
It wasn’t till his enemies quaked that his own
fear was spent.

And Jonah, well, 
we often scoff! 
On avoidance, he was bent;
but God has a way of making a man do as he was meant!

So, when we read in (Genesis 12), that ‘all families on earth were sent God’s son from a lineage that was to bless’, do we not repent?

When we read in Revelation
that the future secures God’s intent,

do we wonder how He did it?
or do we realise it is us He sent?

What about 
‘Go make disciples’?
What about ‘Do not fear!’
There’s only one way the ends of the earth can know! 
It’s crystal clear!

So how do we respond then? 
like fearful men of old
or like the Son of Man, Messiah who shines
the light ‘pure gold’?

So, what about God’s purposes? Are they yours?
Do you care?
The Holy Spirit’s waiting for us
all to shout ‘We Dare!’

We don’t fight against flesh and blood for they are all our brothers; we war against
the powers of Hell; 
they will not recover! 

Yes, let’s go take the Kingdom back, that’s why we were made; to glorify God in heaven above, to join the Victory Parade!

– Written by Sondy Ward, 13 May 2000, inspired by a sermon by Betsy Dunningham at Swanstan Street Church of Christ on 12 May 2000

– Photo by Kirkmedia