About New Life Ltd

‘New Life Australia’ is an alternative news media resource service, brings fresh perspectives both locally and globally. This service presently provides a periodical multi-interdenominational news service, in the form of a digital magazine and more recently an online news feed and hopes to grow its services in the future.

The team at New Life Australia aims to bring to people the cream of good news that is often removed from the present media services, or is relevant to the hopes and dreams, achievements of Christians around the world and in Australia.

As New Life Australia grows, it hopes that this service will build up, encourage and strengthen people’s lives.  This service is open to submissions and contributions from writers, authors and the Not For Profit sector to assist their vision, hopes and dreams, press release news that matters for their agency, mission and task.

Whether in business, sport, arts or literature, we would love to hear and tell your stories, telling of Christ’s wonderful work of love and truth within these fields and people’s lives.

New Life Australia is committed to speaking into the lives of the next generation and growing young talent, as well as speaking into new spaces, where we proclaim liberty to the captive, healing to broken and joy to the downhearted.

New Life has previously produced a fortnightly Published PDF to subscribers and readers for publication on the 1st and the 15th of @ Month, excluding the Christmas break period. However, from June 2022, this will be adjusted and publications will now be issued on the 1st (Tue) and the 3rd (Tue) of each month.

Our new live website service will refresh each fortnight in tandem with the regular issue for feature articles, and weekly for high alert reports. Registered Subscribers will receive a fortnightly email notification.

We also welcome businesses of courage and integrity to advertise to our niche and growing audience.

Vision & Mission

Undergirding our one motivating hope is the call to ‘Tell The Great Works Of Christ In The World Today!’

In a Post-Covid world, the year 2022, will be New Life Australia’s, YEAR TO BUILD, STRENGTHEN and ENCOURAGE God’s people, and reach out to those who have not as yet heard or experienced God’s, great love.

Registered with A.C.N.C as a ‘Not For Profit’ Co. Ltd by Guarantee.

NEW LIFE AUST LTD – ABN: 15 005 035 138