Bob & John

‘A Parting Word’

Editors are the ‘backroom boys’ of the Christian Church. They sit behind desks and make marks on paper with (in my case) green pens. It is thoroughly satisfying, though. Editors are perhaps the best informed of Christians, even though embarrassed by riches and often having to decide on an article’s worthiness of publication. Our mission statement Telling The Great Works Of Christ In The World Today is a big help with that.

Regarding my work as Editor of New Life, I have been guided by two passages of Scripture in particular. First is the prologue of The Gospel According To Luke. Luke 1:1-4, should be the guide for all Christian writers and editors as Luke states four important principles by which he himself wrote: • that we are members of a great company of believers who know
the power of the written word and who form a fine fellowship of
‘servants of the word’;
• that we must be careful and faithful in transmitting the word;
• that we must treat our readers with respect;
• that our purpose in writing is to procure and enhance faith.

Then the Apostle John reinforces this purpose in John 20:30-31. We are to work to procure a rich faith which results in living the new life in Christ, a life abundant and eternal.

Looking back over the years, I am simply thankful to the Lord that He drew me to Himself under the preaching of Billy Graham at the 1959 Crusade, that He nurtured me in Bible-believing faith, that He called me into the service of His Kingdom and that He has given me the bright hope of everlasting life. I am thankful too for all the support I have received from the New Life Board, especially the Chairs, John Leach, Barbara Wilson, Greg Goswell and Al Watson; from my predecessors, Eric Daley, our Founding Editor and John Coleman; from my long-time Associate Editor Clifford Wilson; from all our staff members and contributors, our subscribers, advertisers and donors. And I look forward to encouraging and helping my successor, Doug McDonald, as he settles in as Editor.

Friends, we are living in challenging times. The younger ones among us are facing challenges which we older ones never knew. The evil one continues to prowl around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and hurling his fiery darts with ferocious intent. He attacks from without and sadly from within the Visible Church. We must resist him at all costs, following our Lord’s example of untangling his twisted use of Scripture and with Paul, putting on the whole armour of God that we may withstand in the evil day, and having done all may stand.

My life verse for this year has been Hebrews 13:3. ‘Encourage one another, and all the more so as we see the day drawing nigh.’ I hope that I have done this with every issue through all the years, and more and more as the Scriptures are being fulfilled and the Lord’s return draws nearer and nearer. So be encouraged, be thankful, be faithful, be busy in the work of the Lord, be watching and waiting for His return.
And finally, be supportive of New Life.
– Bob Thomas