Art Exhibition

2022 Art Exhibition

In the New Life News Edition 15 March 2022, we shared about a coming art exhibition to be held at Grace Church in Ballarat on Sat 9 April, and running each day during the week. The theme of the exhibition was ‘A New Perspective’. The exhibit showed artists, Elly Broadbent, myself, Cathy Scott, Diane Spicer and Grace Bailey.

The opening day on the Saturday was fantastic, attracting 43 attendees and a further 35 plus over the consecutive days. Two of those who came after had previously not attended Voice of Grace Church.

Whether or not one could be there, you can enjoy reading my report and gain a taste of the exhibition’s images through a short video noted here as a small glimpse of the day.

The exhibition comprised six unique and original acrylic paintings and an amazing sculpture. Delicious hot drinks were served for guests’ enjoyment. Artists engaged directly with viewers, giving talks. All were made welcome, with a comfy lounge and a children’s art experience space was provided.

Ps John Samuels remarked that ‘people said, how much they enjoyed the creativity of the art.
I got the sense that people felt like this was only the beginning and that we had claimed back some ground in capturing hearts and minds around what Easter really means.
Guests enjoyed the personal testimonies of the artists and the journey they went through to bring the event together as a team’.

Even more significant (for me) was that I experienced a minor stroke just five days prior to the event and was courageously and lovingly helped to attend by the special effort of close friends so I could share my work and faith. That was evidence right there of what God has done for us all –love in action! God provided grace, strength, and faith for me, and He was very present at the event.

By the end of the exhibit, visitors had chosen their favourite works, describing, and sharing together their responses and impressions, intrigue, and surprises. Pastor John added ‘Art pieces had so much depth and warranted a further glance, deep listening, and thoughtfulness’.

As the exhibit created more interest, my son spoke up also and shared with us that the lion in one painting was significant to him, instantly remarking, ‘That’s Me!’ His name happens to be ‘Lion’. The event inspired some to re-awaken their passion for art. Three visitors said they wanted to ‘find their old art equipment and start it up again.’

According to Ps John, the best part was making connections and hearing people’s stories. He had an insight that it wasn’t so much about wanting to share Easter from a new perspective but that ‘what Christ did WAS and IS the new perspective for all time.’ He added, ‘Just a word of appreciation to everyone who contributed. Art shares your inward self with the world’. He shared his amazement at how many stepping stones people had to cross to visit that day and that all were humbled and honoured.

Professional artist Grace Bailey, who organised and exhibited in the event, made a gracious gift of her work to the Church, which blew us all away. Artist Dianne Spicer also gave away her books and proceeds from the sale of books. Their generosity was so amazing. Ps John is passionate about exploring options for more significant exhibitions, perhaps one as early as Christmas. He said ‘I think it is so important we keep holding up the person and work of Christ before the world and before our own eyes. There are so many distractions and attractions but only One who is Good; only One who is God’.

I wonder if a latent artist is sitting forgotten in you or your world whose talents could impact their circles of influence through whom God may want to bring His truth and love to the lost and lonely. Isn’t it just a delight to God that we share His wonderful truth and love with others?

  • Written by Sondy Ward, for New Life Aus, 28 April 2022
    (Sum ed. –